With the help of modern disinfectants and equipment, we disinfect business, residential, public and other spaces, vehicles and equipment. The aqueous solution of the preparation is applied by ULV technique (ultra-low volume – droplet size 5-50 µm) with a dedicated cold fogging device or by the method of spraying with motor and hand sprayers.


The term disinfection includes a set of different procedures which, by mechanical, physical or chemical means, reduce the population of harmful microorganisms to numbers ​​that are harmless to humans and the environment. Successful disinfection requires knowledge of the biological properties of microorganisms, as well as knowledge of the area, equipment and materials to be treated, in order to make an adequate choice of disinfection methods, techniques and means.

Disinfection is important and necessary for preserving the health of humans, animals and plants. It should be carried out in all places where there is a risk of infectious diseases, and therefore the in the prevention of infectious diseases procedures are necessary.


Microorganisms can be divided into two major groups:

Saprophytic microorganisms that degrade dead organic matter and are not usually the cause of infectious diseases, unless they multiply or are inadvertently transmitted to food or objects where their presence is harmful and undesirable.

Pathogenic microorganisms that cause various diseases by their presence and / or toxins they release, directly endangering plants, animals, humans and their environment.

Disinfection can be performed by various methods – mechanical (filtration), physical (dry and wet heat or radiation) or chemical (use of chemical disinfectants).

When disinfecting the space, the most important step is mechanical cleaning, which includes scraping, sweeping, brushing, washing and degreasing the surfaces, which removes most of the microorganisms present. Cleaning must be applied before the physical or chemical treatment of disinfection, which ensures maximum efficiency of the treatment.

Disinfection treatments by definition can be:

Preventive – applied daily in healthcare organizations, production facilities, public transport, etc.


Liquid – are targeted disinfection in case of human, animal or plant diseases and are carried out throughout the duration of the disease.


Final – conducted after the cessation of the disease.


After an expert assessment, our team will recommend the best solution and a detailed treatment plan, in order to achieve the best results. The disinfectants we use in performing the treatment are registered for use in the Republic of Serbia and have all the necessary documentation which we make sure are at the disposal of our clients.


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