PestScan is a fully equipped Internet application for pest control and control services. It consists of an office program, an application for technicians and a portal for clients. PestScan allows us to enter data during the monitoring of pest activity in the field, which is automatically processed on the server, and our clients can see the updated monitoring records on the portal a few minutes after our visit!



Our clients can log in to the portal by simply clicking on the link on our website. The client portal contains monitoring reports, pest control tips and a review of analyses of processed data in the form of charts and observations of patterns and trends. Interactive floor plans show the activity of pests and the condition of traps in the field according to the results of the last monitoring. Our clients can see contracts, company certificates, safety data sheets, diplomas and certificates of our employees and other documentation crucial for the performance of pest control and control services, at any time.



Using the PestScan application allows us to apply integrated pest control. By accepting the notes and advice, which our technicians record during the monitoring, clients can eliminate construction, technical, hygienic or deficiencies caused by the storage of raw materials and finished products. By monitoring trends and comparative analysis of the state of the traps present over time, we can predict an increase in pest populations and respond in a timely manner. Thus, we prevent the occurrence of pests and improve the control of their population.


In order to provide our customers in real time with all the important information on pest control at their location, using the PestScan program, their processing and distribution are performed automatically, quickly and without errors! All our client needs is a computer with an internet connection. No need to install or purchase additional software!

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